Welcome to LinkUp Business English

Let's face it, Business English is often formal English! This is why it is so important to distinguish between everyday conversation and common language used in an office. 


LinkUp Business English consists of two different types of curricula especially designed for business professionals who wish to learn commonly used business terminology and conduct themselves with confidence within a corporate environment.

Please note that Business English lessons are for Intermediate to Advanced students. While group lessons will go through an entire curriculum, private students have the opportunity to pick and choose their preferred topics.

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English at work

From the first day of work to attending business meetings and managing customer complaints, we cover a range of Business English expressions, vocabulary, and phrases that occur in everyday office settings.

business matters

Times are changing and businesses need to keep up with the trends! Our class topics include a number of Business Matters that are more relevant than ever in today's corporate world. 



Job Interview​

Getting Hired

First Day Of Work

Placing An Order

Leaving a Voice Mail

Marketing Meeting

Customer Service

Instant Messaging

Job Performance Review

Resignation Letter




Green Companies

Leadership Quanlities


Corporate Responsibility

Coke vs. Pepsi - The Cola Wars

Internet Entrepreneurs

Online Shopping

Cigarettes in the 21st Century

Artificial Intelligence

Insider Trading

Diversity at Work

Company Culture

Modern Building