Lesson Layout

Open Book

Class Duration

45 Minutes

Group Lesson Attendance

5 Students Max

Classroom Platform




  • Vocabulary - About 1,000 words

  • Can express thoughts using the simplest and most common English phrases

  • Can describe self, read and translate simple texts

  • Can write short and simple words/common phrases (i.e. I am happy)


  • Vocabulary – At least 1,800 words

  • Basic knowledge of English grammar

  • Can read simple texts and understand general meaning

  • Can describe self, places, people and can express feelings about situations

  • Can write and express themselves using basic vocabulary and terms


  • Vocabulary – 2,500 – 4,000 words

  • Correct grammar and can fill out forms

  • Can read magazines, newspaper, literature without difficulty

  • Can catch their own grammatical mistakes and has more sophisticated vocabulary

  • Good command of the English language for traveling and work


  • Vocabulary – 4,000 – 6,000 words

  • Can speak with ease with limited errors

  • Uses idioms, phrases and word combination

  • Can write narratives, essays, summaries and books in English

  • Intonation and tone will change naturally depending on situation

Lesson Structure

Class Synopsis

Our lessons are completely dedicated to you! Your progress is our number one priority and we are here to ensure that your goals are reached through fun, easy and interactive classes.


We don't lecture, we engage! 


Every class will have a new topic as a theme for that day’s lesson and for class discussion. New topic = new vocabulary! Discussing and even debating new topics allows English learners to really push themselves with new vocabulary and phrases they normally may not use. Topics can vary from Sports, Food, Nature, Work Etiquette, Travel, Technology, News, etc.


Giving students a chance to engage in “small-talk” allows their minds to switch to 'English mode' before diving into the deep end of their lesson. It also gives everyone a chance to check-in and catch up with one another which we love!


A huge component to learning a new language is Listening! It takes time and practice for our brains to adapt to the sound of another language, and that is why working on your English listening is key! During each lesson, students will listen to an audio clip about the class topic. Students will then get a chance to answer questions regarding content in the audio clip and demonstrate their level of comprehension.


We provide formal Grammar Checks only for Beginner to Low Intermediate Students.


Understanding English grammar will help you structure your English sentences better! Our Instructors will go over new Grammar with students, reviewing common sentence structures and parts of English everyday speech.


We provide formal Pronunciation Practice only for Beginner to Low Intermediate Students.


Whether it be that tricky "RL" combination or getting used to the voiceless "TH" sound, students will get a chance to practice new phonetics and work on their pronunciation techniques. 


We can't have a Conversational English class without a fun and engaging discussion! Get the joy of expressing yourself in English by conversing and even debating on the day's topic! We are here to ensure all students have a safe place to speak out and participate in a dynamic conversation with their instructor and classmates. While students enjoy working out their English conversation skills, why not take some time learn about worldly perspectives as well!  


Consistency is essential to learning any new language! Students at all levels will have the chance to take home material to review, practice and work on in order to ensure continuous progress.